Freeview Recorder

Freeview is a digital television service that is available within the UK; it offers a wide range of channels that are not usually obtainable through regular terrestrial television. Many televisions that are sold within stores are now installed with Freeview and this automatically provides access to the range of channels. As well as a wide range of television channels the digital service also provides access to numerous interactive services and radio stations. If people have an older television that does not have Freeview already integrated they can still obtain the service. The service can be obtained through purchasing a Freeview box and the most recent development is the Freeview recorder.

The Freeview recorder offers a similar service to the sky plus service in the way that it allows users to record television programmes onto a hard drive. The operator has the ability to programme the recorder to record programmes before they aired and at the click of a button. There is also the option to have a series link so that the same programmes are recorded each week. As well as the ability to record the Freeview recorder also provides the user with the ability to pause, rewind and fast-forward. The only payment that is made for the service is the one off fee to purchase the hardware. Unlike cable services there is not a monthly fee and the installation does not have to be carried out by a professional. A satellite dish is not required in order for this service to work; all that is required is a television with an aerial signal and a Freeview recorder box. The recorders can be purchased from a variety of different places including electrical retailers and supermarkets. The prices of the boxes vary between manufacturers and there are different sized hard drive boxes available. The larger the recorder memory the more that can be stored on it.

There are a range of different television channels that are offered on the Freeview service. For example there are News channels such as Sky News and BBC News, and there are entertainment channels such as E4 and Dave. This service is incredibly popular and is used within millions of households. Freeview HD has recently been launched and this allows the channels to be viewed in high definition. In order to do this a Freeview Recorder HD box will be required. This means that the operator will benefit from both the ability to record programmes and view them in high definition.

The Freeview Recorder is an excellent way to ensure that you never miss your favourite programmes. Packed with features the recorder offers a cheaper alternative to cable services. With no monthly fees and just a one off fee the Freeview Recorder represents great value for money.